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Official – Fibox is back with a new, global LinkedIn account — 08.04.2021

We have launched a new company profile on LinkedIn, and we are ready to join a community of professionals with fresh, new content.


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Fibox Lempäälä factory expansion — 31.03.2021

We are expanding our Lempäälä factory in the spring of 2021, which is scheduled to be ready by the end of the year.


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New homepage on the way — 10.03.2021

Fibox will launch a new and more approachable homepage. Stay updated and sign up to our newsletter.


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Online enclosure configuration and quote request — 10.04.2018

Fibox has announced the launch of a brand-new online configurator for enclosures and control cabinets.


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Excellent Test Results — 09.01.2018

Fibox Creates an Enclosure that Becomes Stronger Over Time.


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Seven-figure investment in Lempäälä — 28.09.2017

Fibox is more than doubling its output in Finland witha new investment programme focusing primarily on introducing entirely new and unique solutions that will revolutionise production and capacity at the company’s Lempäälä plant.


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FIBOX Enclosure Catalogue 5.0 — 29.02.2016

The newest edition of enclosure catalogue is downloadable.

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